Tactical Security Training  for Ex Military

CLOSE PROTECTION COURSES FOR EX MILITARY and CIVILIANS Get your new qualifications with ESA UK which will give you the well paid job you deserve.

Do you want to continue and develop your skills to work in the civilian market ?

Are you happy to work overseas as a private military contractor ?

Do you want to have a job which is related to what you love to do ?

Do you want to serve and protect the lives of others ?



If you are a civilian looking for the opportunity to work as a Close Protection Operative, Private Military Contractor or Maritime Security Officer we may have the right course for you :

Do you want to become a Close Protection Operative or a Private Military Contractor ?

We have courses which will help you to develop your professional career.

Do you think that you can do a close protection job, but you don't have the proper qualifications yet ?

Do you want to quit your daytime job and start doing something more exciting?

Are you tired of working as a "doorman" and want to progress to close protection?

Do you want to have a job which is related to what you love to do ?

Do you want to serve and protect the lives of others?

If you have answered YES to at least one of the questions above we may have something for you.

As a EUROPEAN SECURITY ACADEMY UK official representative we can provide you with Close Protection , Maritime Security, and Private Military Contractor courses you will not find in the UK due to UK Firearms Law restrictions. Yes there are some available, but you won't be able to train in the UK with real guns and live ammunition.  If you are planning to work abroad to protect your clients and their properties you need to go trough training with the weapons you'll use in your job. We can give you this opportunity by training at ESA in Poland. All courses are in English and you'll receive UK recognized Level 3 Certificates upon completion of the course.

Your training will take place in Poland at the ESA European Security Academy training facility which is currently the best equipped and the largest training center outside the USA.

Getting there is very easy by plane flying to Poznan Airport from your most convenient UK Airport. Cheap flights guide can be found HERE

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