ESA - European Security Academy Firearms Training

ESA European Security Academy Training Centre


Founded in 1992, European Security Academy provides training programs for security, law enforcement and military professionals as well as civilians. We offer advanced training and courses for a wide range of missions, terrain and tactical situations. We can train both individuals and units, applying our knowledge and experience to support their stated objectives. Our instructor team is a select group of experts with long term experience in law enforcement and military units.

Depending on the profile of the course, training methods & scenarios are carefully designed by our Instructors in order to provide you with the best training possible.

History of European Security Academy

ESA Training center

The training center of the European Security Academy covers an area of 150 hectares and is situated among the environmentally sound and clean forests and lakes. The ESA training center comprises the following :

Hotel and leisure facilities with catering service

One may find a variety of accommodation in the hotel and leisure facilities. The choice is between attractive guest rooms in the authentic nineteenth century windmill and group rooms, which reflect the old Polish style. Our catering offer includes the traditional local cuisine based on the eco products from the center’s area. The outdoor dining area on the lakeside forms an additional attraction. One can make unlimited use of the barbecue fire beds, smoke chamber and camp fire.

Lecture rooms

Lecture rooms have a full interactive educational base, which consists of multimedia projectors, professional audio-visual systems, monitors and analog/digital cams, portable computers, base stations and interactive visual charts. The systems, which are part of this base, allow for observation of individual places, implementation of training, active simulations and actions in real time. The lecture rooms enable us to conduct training for several groups at the same time.

Enclosed tactical firing range

Enclosed tactical firing range – it is an attested, multi-post training facility used in firing practice at the advanced level. It possesses its own special system of recording and conveying pictures from the firing range and the computer-controlled set of changing mobile firing screens. It is equipped with professional targets, which facilitate the detailed anatomical and physiological control of the striking areas. It has a special system of disturbing the eye-shot and influencing the perception and awareness of those firing. The full-surface backstop is completed by the system of crowd simulation, which makes the fire running field more real. This firing range meets the rigorous safety norms and provides the opportunity to conduct extremely realistic firing training sessions. It has been recognized as the best facility of the sort nationwide.

Full-size open firing range

European Security Academy Outdoor Shooting Range

Full-size open firing range – the center has an open firing range where one can conduct firing training with handguns, submachine guns, carbines, rifles and shotguns. The firing posts are equipped with shooting ear and eyesight protection and the telemetric systems of shot control. The firing range is equipped with portable stops, which enable to vary the conducted training and to practice different variants of shooting situations. The firing range has its own lighting and sound systems, as well as full equipment, which guarantees the complete safety of conducting the preparation.

Tactical lane

A tactical lane with the course used in simulation and shooting from vehicles and in the performance of simulation of tactical and shooting tasks in the open area. It was designed to facilitate the actions of protection teams moving in the protection escort and in protection lines. It provides the simulation of actions by working outdoors with the use of colored simunition. There is a separated part of the center on the territory of the training facilities, which enables us to conduct a tactical task practice, especially the one related to assaults on VIP convoys, assaults on protection teams. It enables us also to present simulation of firing in the situation of fire exchange. It is located in the hutch of the endurance course, which ensures the natural surrounding simulating the scenery of the trap and providing the opportunity of realization of the task in the isolated tactical conditions.

Tactical firing range - kill house

European Security Academy Kill House Mogadishu

Tactical firing range - kill house - is an advanced shooting facility enabling the use of handguns equipped with FX and CQT simunition. The specially designed training facility makes it possible for the instructors to observe the actions of the course participants in the specially prepared tactical room. The immediate supervision over the training facilitates the real time verification of the operator and the stimulation of proper reactions in the protection team. The layout of the room may be modified at one’s own option with the use of special scenery, which excludes the possibility of performing tasks in the pre-learned rooms. The whole facility is used in training to find solutions to complex tactical situations. It provides the opportunity of training in realistic tactical scenarios.

Specialist assault course

 Specialist assault course – based on the example of training centers for shock and landing forces, a special assault course has been designed. This course checks the preparation in terms of able-bodiedness and efficiency as well as psychological predispositions when making extreme effort. It consists of dozen-odd obstacles distributed on the hilly and swampy terrain. In order to run through these, the operator needs to have had a lot of preparation and a high-level motor and movement efficiency. The test also checks the strength and able-bodiedness as well as pain adaptation abilities and acting in the circumstances of the stress caused by the time which is constantly running out. The course is designed in the way which tests the operator’s psychological and physical predispositions and his/her ability to act in extreme conditions on the battle field. It is one of the most demanding courses of the sort in Poland. It is used to recruit and verify the abilities of soldiers and police officers which are required for work in special forces.

The first aid (pre-medical) training facilities

The first aid (pre-medical) training facilities – thanks to the perfect training base and, above all, to the specialist equipment which meets the most rigorous world standards, we organize the first aid (pre-medical) training sessions on both basic and advanced levels. Additionally, the center’s instructors conduct the training courses for the qualified protection personnel in paramedical actions for the teams of VIP personal control. These training courses include the work with the equipment used by the agents of DELTA EXECUTIVE PROTECTION; they also provide instruction on the procedures and algorithms of behavior in the situations close to the loss of health or life. The center’s instructors are qualified paramedics and certified first-aiders.

The life guard and diving center

The life guard and diving center – within the area of the center, there is a deep lake which is rich in biota. In the immediate neighborhood of the center there are full-size water reservoirs which facilitate the complete water and depth training together with motor-boat training. On the territory of the base there is a possibility of running a training session in lifeguarding. Thanks to the perfect base, apart from the training session in lifeguarding, one may run courses and training sessions in diving in the inland waters. The classes run by the center are coherent with the basic-level diving courses organized by the world’s well-known diving federations.

The off-road course and quad riding field

The off-road course and quad riding field – the center also includes a professional off-road course and quad riding field. The center has a full fleet of four-wheel field vehicles. The surroundings of the center meet the most rigorous norms and requirements of the world’s off-roaders. By way of example, it is worth noting that the center’s instructors have participated in the international car race TRANSSYBERIA RACE. The Porsche Poland team prepared in our center for this back-breaking race and were one of the few which actually finished the whole race. The center runs High Range courses and full-feature courses in operation, riding and driving along off-road trails. An additional attribute of the center are the security ride courses which prepare the participants to run escorts in high-risk countries such as African ones.


During the ESA Training Course, the students and instructors use the ESA owned equipment which includes the following:


a)      Training guns – FX Simunition:

·         Glock T pistol – 9 mm

·         HK MP5 – 9 mm

·         HK MP5K – 9 mm

·         B&T APC – 9mm

·         M4 / AR15 – 5,56 mm


d)     Carbines:

·         AKMS/AKM – 7.62x39mm

·         AR15 – .223 rem

b)      Combat handguns:

·         Glock 17 pistol – 9 mm

·         Glock 19 pistol – 9 mm

·         HK USP 9 pistol – 9 mm

·         SIG SAUER P229 pistol – 9 mm

·         BERETTA 92 pistol – 9mm


e)      Shotguns:

·         Mossberg - caliber 12


c)      Submachine guns:

·         HK MP5 – 9 mm

·         HK MP5 KURZ – 9 mm

·         B&T APC – 9 mm






The ESA also uses other weapons depending on the type of course. Moreover, the ESA co-operates with the producers and importers of weapons, tests and implements new kinds of weapons as well as it regularly keeps in touch with military foundations that have full access to military combat equipment.


a)      Cable communication

b)      Wireless communication

·         Radio communication - MOTOROLA GP radiotelephones, wearable Motorola GP644 radio transmitter/receiver with a miniature long-range antenna, an additional long-life battery, a charger, a twin-lead unit of silent communication and an acoustic tube earphone

·         Mobile communication - NOKIA communicators

·         Satellite communication - MOTOROLA IRIDIUM phones


·         GPS satellite navigation for vehicles

·         GPS GARMIN satellite navigation - set of sea and land maps, sonar, echo sounder and special units

·         Vehicle localization system based on GPS, GPRS and GSM technologies

·         Drivers authorization systems

·         Authorization systems with anti-assault system

·         Interior tapping device systems

·         TM SAT wearable transmitters with anti-assault and tapping device systems

·         Portable computer systems enabling TM SAT system control

·         Mini set enabling fleet control by one person from any place in the world


·         optional gun accessories,

·         TRYT aiming devices, light pipes, collimators, trijicons

·         surfeit tactical lighting, LED diodes and the most modern lighting systems for weapons based on advanced optical technology

·         optional magazines of increased capacity to 34 pieces. For handguns.

·         kydex holster regulated in all directions making it possible to carry long magazines in the gun, fastening - flipper with carrier which enables fastening it to all kinds of belts and trousers, another holster which enables the carrying of the gun with tactical light

·         various single ammunition pouches, adjustable with a flipper and one per carrier


·         bulletproof jacket - SUPER LIGHT CAMOUFLAGED BULLETPROOF JACKET 1.3 kg - 3rd class of bullet resistance

·         bulletproof jacket with ballistic insert, steel plate of the highest bullet resistance class - without the insert, it guarantees 7.62 mm from the pistol ammunition


·         Off-road vehicles: UAZ, Toyota LC, Hummer H2

·         SUV: BMW X5,

·         Limousines: AUDI, BMW,


Medical equipment in personal protection training sessions must be considered with the focus on the probability of occurrence of specific types of injuries connected with the performance of particular operational activities. The occurrence of danger is closely related to the type of work and resulting specifics and variable factors directly related to geopolitical and personal situation of a protected person. The whole equipment described below adequately refers to both the protecting and protected people:

a)      Personal set: This is a personal set which facilitates elementary protection of one injured person as the group activity or self-aid.

b)      Group set: This set is used by the police, army and the State Fire Service as a medical set which is included in the operational vehicles equipment.

c)      Advanced medical set: It is prepared for advanced life-saving activities. The basis of the advanced sets is the access to 100% oxygen. This set is meant for escort protection and is a permanent element of the protected person's house equipment.

d)     Advanced medical set with means of transport / evacuation: This rucksack was designed by and for the Israeli special forces. It is both the medical set and means of evacuation. It is meant for the escort equipment and a permanent element of a protected person’s house equipment.

e)      AED (automated external defibrillation): AEDs are the only devices which guide the rescuer in the BLS AED procedures (basic life support, automated external defibrillation - basic life-saving procedures with the use of automated external defibrillations) owing to which there are no guesses, uncertainty or wasting precious second.


The aforementioned equipment is used by the European Protection Academy and it is used for training sessions depending on the training type and level of advancement.