FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about European Security Academy
Frequently Asked Questions about European Security Academy

Here are the most frequently asked questions and their answers. Please take your time to go through them to make sure you fully understand how we work and what we have to offer to you. 




Q : Who can come and do our courses?

A : To participate in our courses you need to be at least 18, have a clean criminal record and be in good health.

For most of the courses there is no previous experience needed.

Courses open for beginners without previous experience :

Tactical Pistol/Tactical Carbine/Combined Firearms Training/FPOS-I/TCCC/CPO/MSO/DDM/

Courses with experience :

Dynamic Pistol - Requirements : Tactical Pistol

Dynamic Carbine - Requirements : Tactical Carbine

PMC - Requirements : ESA CPO/Proven Military / Law Enforcement experience/Tactical Pistol and Carbine if you have done CPO elsewhere without firearms training

CQB - Requirements : Proven Military / Law Enforcement experience or ESA Close Protection or PMC Course

Security Driving Requirements : Driving License

DDM Advance - Requirements : DDM

Q : How can I book my course and pay for it?

A : Use our website to pay 10% of the deposit by Paypal/ credit/ debit card to secure your place. The outstanding balance can be paid by bank transfer, cash or card during the registration process before the course at our facility in Poland.

You can also pay it into our bank account here, but the online form needs to be filled in anyway 

Tactical Global Events Ltd (Trading as ESA UK - European Security Academy )

Barclays UK

Sort Code : 207762

Account Number : 03008991



IBAN : GB30 BARC 2077 6203 0089 91

Please email us after you have made your bank transfer to confirm it.

You can also pay the FULL COURSE PRICE to our bank account.

The rest can be paid in cash on the day of the course or  by bank transfer to the account above, 1 week before the course starts .

You can also pay by PAYPAL to info@euseca.co.uk 

Q : What if I can't come to the course and I have already paid my deposit. Is it refundable? 

A : No your deposit is non refundable, but you have 6 months to use it towards any other course from the European Security Academy schedule.

Q : What documentation do I need to start the course ?

A : 

  1. Document proving a clear criminal background (e.g. criminal record, Disclosure & Barring Service, valid military ID, valid CP license etc. or eventually Self-Declaration on Criminal Background*)

  2. Document stating that the trainee is physically and mentally fit for the training (e.g. medical certificate from a family doctor/ GP, valid military ID, valid CP license etc. or a Health Self Declaration Form*)

  3. Copy of a passport or photo ID (students have to be at least 18 year old)

  4. Document proving previous experience in the subject (military, security, shooting) in the case of advanced courses like PMC, CQB, DDM etc.

  5. Face photo in the passport size to be sent via mail in advance to info@euseca.com and original version to be taken to ESA Training Center (in the case of CPO courses).

  6. Flight/ train tickets (for transport arrangements)

  7. Non-refundable advance payment of 10% of the course price (in case of visa application, full payment is required in advance). Remaining amount can be paid at ESA Training Center in cash or by card. It is recommended to pay 100% in advance.

We also recommend applying for European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or other private insurance.

Q : What do I need to bring with me to your courses?

A : Things to be taken:

  1. Tactical clothes: pants, shoes and sturdy belt

  2. Sports clothes

  3. Sports shoes

  4. Sunglasses

  5. Toiletries and towels

  6. Tactical gloves

  7. Swimming trunks (in the case of MSO courses)

  8. 2 passport type photos (in the case of MSO courses)

  9. 2 passport type photos (in the case of CPO courses)

  10. Suit and tie or other business clothes for practical tasks – VIP protection (in the case of CPO courses)

  11. Optional headlamp with green or blue light (in the case of FPOS, TCCC or CTM courses)

  12. Camel back / back pack with a water container (in the case of DDM courses)

  13. Military scarf / schmag (in the case of DDM courses)

  14. Knife (in the case of DDM courses) *NOT carry-on / hand luggage

  15. Torch (in the case of DDM courses)

  16. Military anorak (in the case of DDM courses)

Q : What if I need a VISA to Schengen? 

A : Please contact us and we will provide you with an invitation letter. However in this case we need payment for the course in FULL in advance. Please visit our VISA PAGE for more info.

Q : Would I be collected from Poznan Lawica Airport/Poznan Train Station and is the transfer included? 

A : YES - collection and drop off service is included, but we have specific times for that. For collection from the airport/ train station in Poznan the time is 18.00 and we do drop off the day after the courses around 9.00am (the time we leave the academy). It's about a 1 hour drive from Poznan to the European Security Academy Facility.

Q : What happens if my flight lands after 18.00? 

A : We will organise you a transport for the FEE of 60 Euro. This price will be shared between late travellers if there are any.

Q : Is accommodation and food included in the price of the course?

A : Yes. Accommodation and food are included in the course price also one night before and one night after the course. Please have a look at the ESA lodge: www.360.euseca.com

Q : Are there any shops available close to the facility if I need anything?

A : Yes. European Security Academy is located close to Ksiaz Wielkopolski, and our instructors will drive you to the shops on specific days. An ATM is also available there if you need to windraw money. Remember that in Poland we use Polish Zloty (PLN). EURO or Pounds Sterling is not accepted in the shops. You need a PLN or Debit Card.

Q : How do I go about washing my clothes?

A : Our staff will take care of it, just leave them in a black bag with your name on and it will be sorted for you. Remember to leave a tip for the girls who will get this done for you. They work hard to make your stay comfortable.

Q : Can I drink alcohol at the facility?

A : NO. Alcohol is prohibited during the course for obvious reasons - you will be working with live ammunition. There is a possibility to have a beer after the course, but not during. 

Q : Can I take photos or videos during the course?

A : NO. You need to focus on the course. There will be a photographer on the course who will take a pictures of you if you wish and deliver them to you within a week after the course end. There is a FEE of 30 EURO/ 25GBP for this service. If you wish to have a photos please talk to the photographer ASAP, so he/she can take care of it. 

European Security Academy CERTIFICATES

Q: What cerificates I get after the course and are they recognized?

A : European Security Academy is a training center accredited by UK governing bodies such as City&Guilds and Parsons and you'll receive the following certificates  recognised by the security industry :

- Close Protection Level 3 City&Guilds (after the CPO course)

- Maritime Security Operative Level 3 City&Guilds (after the MSO Course)

- First Person on Scene (after the FPOS-I course)

Q : Do I get a SIA License after our Close Protection Level 3 course?

A : After our CPO course you receive Close Protection Level 3 City&Guilds. After you do FPOS-I you can apply for SIA License online. European Security Academy do not grant Sia License as only Security Industry Authority can grant you a SIA License. 

Q : What do I need to get a SIA license?

A : Close Protection Level 3/FPOS-I and have a clean criminal record. However if you had minor convictions SIA may accept your application. Please use the simulator on the SIA website to check for yourself. 

Q : What do I need a SIA License for? 

A : You need a SIA License to work in the UK as a Close Protection Officer. Without this license it's illegal to work within the security industry.

Q : Do I need a SIA License if I want to work as a Maritime Security Operative?

A : No. A SIA License is only needed if you want to work on UK soil. You don't need it to work on ships.

Q : I'm not planning to work in the UK as a CPO, do I need a SIA License?

A : No. However if you are planning to work abroad some UK employers may ask for it, so it's good to have it. A SIA license also indicates that you have a clean criminal record.

Q : How do I do Level 4 in Close Protection for Hostile Environment (Firearms & Tactics )?

A : You can do this qualifications with every Private Military Contractor PMC course at European Security Academy trough Security College. This costs extra £250.

Q : Why would I need Level 4?

A : It's important to have it if you are planning to work as a Security Officer in High Risk Countries - employers may ask for that.

Q : What qualification I'll get after Tactical Pistol/ Tactical Carbine / Dynamic Pistol / Dynamic Carbine / Combined Firearms Course?

A : You'll receive an ESA certificate to state that you have completed the course.

Q : Is it recognized by government?

A : No, but whenever you produce it it verifies that you have done your training and confirms your competency in firearms handling and safety. It's a great addition if you are applying for a job or a firearms license.


Q : Does ESA guarantee a job after our courses?

A : NO. We are a training provider, not an employment agency. We provide our graduates with up to date training methods and certifications that meet the high demands of the security industry these days.

Q : Is there any chance to get a job after the courses done at the European Security Academy?

A : Yes we do invite Maritime Security Companies from the UK and the Netherlands for an interview with our students at the end of the Maritime Security Course. Remember that we don't get involved between you and an employer - whether you get a job or not is something between you and a MSO company.

Q : Is there a good chance to get a job after the MSO course?

A : Yes! About 87% of our graduates get a job straight after the course. See our JOB section on our website for more details.

Q : Do I get a JOB at ESA after the CPO or PMC course?

A : Usually not, but we do make exceptions if we see that you are very well skilled and the right person. Then we can recommend you to the CPO/ PMC companies we work with.

Q : What support would I receive after the course in terms of employment?

A : If we consider you trustworthy we can recommend you to our partners who are looking for people to hire, but you need to have very good skills, experience and the right attitude. 

We also supply you with a list of over 300 CPO and MSO companies looking for contractors to hire. You can send your CV to them and contact them directly.

We'll also supply you with a CV GUIDE for the Security Industry to make sure you won't make a mistakes writing it. 

We also post any vacancies we have from our partners on our Facebook page, so please make sure you LIKE it and have got Notifications turned ON.

If you have any other questions please email us on info@euseca.co.uk or use our ONLINE CONTACT FORM or comment below.