Shengen Visa

How to get visa to Poland

Necessary information for any person applying for a visa to Poland:

Use the link below to check whether your country is on the list of states not requiring a visa: If your country is not on this list, it means that you do need a visa to Poland. 

Basic information concerning a visa to Poland:

Poland is in the Schengen Area. Every foreigner may choose a visa entitling them to stay in Poland for up to 90 days – C- type Schengen visa. In addition, C-type Schengen visas may include only Poland, or selected, or all Schengen countries.


Follow the steps 1-10 below to obtain a visa to Poland:

1. Sign up for the selected ESA course(s). Choose a course from the schedule and go through the registration process using the following link:

2. After signing up for a course, send all the necessary documents to the ESA UK office ( ). 

3. Pay 100% fee for a selected course. The tab/ how to make payment at the above link includes the bank account details. If you do not obtain a visa, you will get FULL reimbursement. 

Congratulations! You have signed up for a course. Now, we can start a visa process. 

4. After sending us all the required documents and paying the course fee, an employee of our office ( Miss Kamila Ossowska) will start the application process of an invitation for a foreigner. This application is submitted in the Lower Silesian Governor's Office. Getting an invitation takes 7-14 days.

5. In the meantime, while waiting for our invitation, you should contact the Polish Embassy in your country. You may apply for the Schengen visa directly on the website using the following link: or via contacting the closest Polish Embassy in a given country by phone.


ATTENTION: If there is no Polish embassy in your country, search for/ make contact with: 
a) The nearest Foreign Consular office (in a neighboring country) dedicated to Polish affairs.
b) An office responsible for Polish affair.

6. After correct completion of a visa application, you should establish the date of a meeting in the embassy in order to obtain a visa to Poland. (While arranging a specific meeting date, take into account the fact that it takes approx. four weeks until you will receive an invitation from us and we send it to your country.)


7. What documents do you need when submitting a C-type Schengen visa application?

a) Travel document
/ Passport

- valid at least three months after your planned departure from Poland/ Schengen territory

with at least 2 blank pages

- issued within the last ten years

b) Completed and signed visa application form

- Biometric photo

- Visa fee 

- Health insurance for the amount of at least EUR 30,000, valid in the entire Schengen Area


c) Supplementary documents, confirming:

- the purpose of the visit (ESA will prepare it - an invitation letter that includes the explanation)

- possession of accommodation (ESA will prepare it – invitation letter)

- possession of sufficient funds to cover the cost of entry, stay and departure from the Schengen Area or Poland

- willingness to leave the Schengen Area after expiry of the visa


8. Right after reception of an invitation from the Governor’s Office, we will send the original together with an invitation issued by the European Security Academy to the previously indicated address in your country. 

(Two shipping types are possible: by registered mail, priority registered mail via Poczta Polska (free of charge) or via DHL/UPS delivery (for a fee). If you choose DHL/UPS delivery, take into account that you cover its cost. It comes approx. to EUR 50-70.)

9. Right after reception of shipping, you may go for a meeting to the Embassy. You should take with you two invitations received from us and all other documents mentioned above in item 7 (a, b, c).

10. After a meeting in the Embassy, the consul appoints another meeting to receive an identity card – passport. If all the above-listed items are fulfilled properly, you will get a visa to Poland.

Bear in mind that getting a visa constitutes a process composed of several elements that takes some time. One thing is certain: if you prepare carefully, you will surely get through. Many participants of our courses obtain a visa without any problems. This is proved by our international groups, members of which come to us from such countries as:

Algeria, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, etc. 

We ask you to remember that the ESA office employees will stay in touch with you the whole time throughout this process. They will provide you with any advice and necessary assistance. You are not alone with it. We will actively participate in the whole process, starting from signing up for the ESA course to the moment of your arrival in Poland.

The next thing you should bear in mind is the fact that if you do not obtain a visa to Poland, we will reimburse you for the whole amount previously transferred to our account.

You incur only costs related to a visa fee and possible shipping of documents via courier. 

NOTE: we do not charge any additional fees for dedicated time or failure in the event of not obtaining a visa. Having regard to that, remember that you do not risk the loss of money, so it is always worth a try. 

In the event of any doubts or additional questions, please contact the ESA office:

00 44 7830 6766 46

email :