Maritime Security Jobs

Maritime Security Jobs

Maritime security jobs offer a great variety of placements across the world as well as closer to home. Protecting shipping and maritime assets has never been more important, and you’ll find well-paid, rewarding roles in this sector if you’ve got the right skills and training.

Here at European Security Academy we do our best to fulfill Maritime Security Industry demands and prepare our graduates to get ready to work. Here is what you get when you finish one of our very popular MSO Course :

1. City & Guilds Level 3 MSO Certification
2. STCW95 Certification (all for modules)
3. ESA MSO Certificate
4. Firearms Competency Certificate
5. BMP-4 & Anti-Piracy Certificate
6. ENG1 - Medical Certificate for Seafarers
7. Proficiency in Designated Security Duties Certificate (as lieu for SSO)

Do you need anything else to start working as a Martime Security Operative ? YES - most employers require FPOS-I , so it's good to have it done. For the dates and more info please click HERE.

You'll also need a Seamans Book. To get one you can contact this company :

Sachin Mathias

Head - Operations

Reich Group,

D-116, Crystal Plaza, New Link Road,

Andheri-West, Mumbai, India - 400 053

 Tel : +91-22-26733395/96

Fax : +91-22-26733397

Cell : +91-8879303085

 Email :

Visit   :

We always try to help our graduates to get a job, but you need to do your homework first which means :

- make sure you can communicate well in English

- have all the required training and certifications up to date

- do extra training courses to increase your chance to get a job 

- write your CV in a professional way (our CV Guide will be available online soon)

- have a positive attitude and keep trying, if you don't get a job at the first time do some extra courses (Firearms, Close Protection, PMC and any other which may be related to this role)

- military background is an advantage, but we have our graduates working without it, so YES it's possible ! Remember that employers these days value more your Medical Skills than your Military Background (Do your FPOS-I and MIRA if necessary)

If you have any questions please email us on