Advanced Carbine Operator 4 Days Course at ESA POLAND

Advanced Operator Training Course

Advanced Carbine Operator 4 Day Course at European Security Academy


The course objective is to perfect shooting skills from primary and secondary weapons system. We’ll cover alternative shooting positions when the environment is very demanding and space is very limited as well as those dynamic position changes in open spaces . This includes shooting from the car and use of car as a cover/concealment. Operators will be working on two weapons systems all the time to get used to it and be able to make the best lifesaving decisions under stressful conditions.

4 Days - 40 Hours. PRICE £900 or 1000 EURO

SKILL PREREQUISITES: ESA Tactical Pistol/Tactical Carbine and Dynamic Carbine or Combined Firearms Course and Dynamic Carbine

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Topics to be covered on Advanced Carbine Operator

  •   Briefing about the course and introduction

  •  Gear placement and set up for the range, revision on shooting fundamentals.

  •  Shooting positions (standing, kneeing, prone)

  • Using alternative shooting positions (urban prone, squat, crawling, back)

  • Transition between shooting positions

  • Transition between positions with dynamic shooting

  • Shooting to different directions including kneeing and prone

  • Shooting on the move to different directions

  • Working in teams of two. Cooperation, communication and fire cover.

  • Supporting with fire partner while reloading

  • Explaining the use of car as a cover and concealment.

  • Shooting from behind the car in various positions (low squat, kneeing, urban prone)

  • Shooting from inside vehicle

  • Shooting through the windscreen

  • Extracting from the vehicle and providing the fire in teams of two.

  • Scenarios with use of vehicle

  • Advancing forward in team of two. One kneeing one standing.

  • Retreating in team of two and covering target with fire.

  • Assaulting the targets in teams on 300m distance while advancing forward

  • Transition options from primary to secondary weapon system

  • Scenarios with use of vehicle.

  • Dynamic drills with use of the car. Working in teams of 2 and 4.

  • Hostage rescue simulations.

  • Close protections VIP rescue and extraction advanced drills with use of vehicle

  • Assaulting the targets in teams of two. Constant cover with fire with speed and tac reloads.

  • Breaking contact drills in teams of 4.

  • Advanced drills according to the group skills.

  • De-briefing and certification.


Advanced Operator Course Info  :


WEAPONS: Glock 17/19 and AK47 or M4 (you choose your platform). Bring your own weapon system if you wish.

METHODS: Extensive range time.

AMMUNITION: 100 x 9mm + 600 x 5.56 or 7.62 you choose your weapon system prior to the course.

SKILL PEREQUISITES : Tactical Carbine and Dynamic Carbine or Combined Firearms Course and Dynamic Carbine or ESA instructor approval after experience verification.

Training gear to be taken :

1.       Combat trousers with tactical belt

2.       Tactical boots

3.       Knee protectors

4.       Gloves

We supply :

1.       Tactical vest (if you have your own plate carrier you can bring with you)

2.       Carbine sling (if you have your own sling you can bring with you)

3.       M4 or AK47 and Glock 17 or 19

Advanced Carbine Operator 4 Days Course dates available below

Advanced Carbine Operator :            6 September - 9 September 2018 



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What's included in the price ?

  • Transfers from Poznan Airport PL or Poznan Train Station at specific hours. Please check the times HERE.

  • Accommodation. Day before and after the course included .

  • 3 Delicious Homemade Meals Per Day . Eat as much as you want .

  • 10 hours per day of training, lecture and exercises.

  • live ammunition and/or FX Simunition ( depends on a course )

  • All training equipment and weapons                                                                                                       

  • Course Materials, Test and Certification ( depends on a course)

  • ESA Tshirt and Cap or other clothing  (depends on a course)

  • Access to the Internet, gym, basketball court and grill area.

  • Washing Facilities

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